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Princess Story

The innocence of a child is precious, the life of a child is priceless and the dreams’ every little girl ever had or has of being a Princess is beautiful.  Life is what we make it and sometimes our life story doesn’t amount to the Princess life we once lived or dreamed of as a child.  We aspire to be someone in this big big world.  Through life we grow to experience good things and bad things in life, some through our own choices and some through the choice of others.  It’s amazing the impact someone can have in OUR lives.  Such an impact can tear us down or build us up.  In the real story of life our life as a Princess gets blemished, bruised and sometimes broken.  We start to believe the lies and our lives become altered…sometimes forever.  If you have ever experienced any of the following, you’re not alone.

Peer Pressure


Broken Heart






Verbal Abuse


Emotional Abuse



Mental Abuse



Sexual Abuse


Economic Abuse



Low Self Esteem


Physical Abuse

Broken Relationships


Loss of Loved One

EVtwenty shares in many of these areas with you.  Whether we have experienced the best times in this life journey or have hit rock bottom WE ARE still a Princess…YOU ARE still a Princess.  It’s up to us to allow or not allow experiences in our life to control us.  Through everything you experience in life always strive to press onward and accept nothing but the BEST.  Though our Princess story may have been altered to Thee Real Princess Story we are all precious, priceless and BEAUTIFUL!

About Us

 EVtwenty is a female t-shirt and accessory line based in New York City, offering positive change by providing Truth, Inspiration and Love through our messages and designs.

Whether you have faced a great awesome moment or a rock bottom moment in your life, sometimes wearing something as simple as a t-shirt that compliments how you feel can encourage someone.

EVtwenty chooses to take the positive step reaching females from the past, present and future, sending messages of encouragement, inspiration and most of all LOVE. 

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